Why Commercial Buildings Need To Start Saving Energy

Energy efficiency is a major topic of discussion these days.

One of the most important ways to save energy is by using renewable sources. One can easily do that by installing solar panels or replacing your current sources with more efficient ones. But before going ahead with any changes, one should consider what it would mean for their company or organization and its operations.

Commercial buildings are responsible for the majority of the energy consumption worldwide. With the rise of smart energy saving technologies, it has become easier for commercial buildings to save energy.

Saving energy not only helps the environment but also saves money on electricity bills. Commercial buildings can save up to a whopping 60% of their electricity bill by implementing solar panels and other energy efficient features like LED lighting.

Every smart business or a company always looks for smart solutions that could help them to reduce their energy usage and their impact on the environment. They want to cut down the energy expenses but with minimal changes in the existing business set up. Thus using new-age energy management systems, along with other sustainable solutions, can generate energy savings of 5 to 15% and typically pay for itself in less than three years.

Some key things to consider while saving Energy

Saving energy and maximizing energy efficiency is a major concern for commercial building owners. Energy costs continue to rise and there are various ways to save on energy costs.

The first point is to identify whether or not your commercial building is currently energy efficient. If not, you will need to undertake some retrofitting projects to make it more efficient. For example, you could install high-efficiency windows; replace inefficient HVAC equipment; or install LED lighting systems that use less power than traditional bulbs.

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When calculating the payback period for an efficiency project, there are various factors like location of the property, cost of electricity in the area, and efficiency level of the building (or upgrade) which should be taken into account.

The future of energy is green and switching to sustainable energy comes with its own perks like government aides, tax benefits and the obvious cost saving in the long run. Commercial buildings can truly maximize their efficiency by switching to sustainable energy.

Sustainable Buildings are the future!

Renewable energy is the harnessing power of natural resources that are constantly replenished on this planet, for example solar energy which converts sunlight into clean power. Non-renewable sources of energy are things like coal, oil and natural gas which are not replenished therefore they will run out one day if it continues to be used at this rate. Let’s take a closer look at sustainable buildings and sustainable energy.

Sustainable Building buildings are designed in such a way that they do not require much maintenance because they use technologies that keep them cool or warm inside without any external heating or cooling systems respectively.

Technology to the rescue…

Commercial buildings typically have a higher electricity cost than residential ones. This is because commercial buildings have a larger amount of equipment on the premises.

In the past, commercial building owners have had to choose between their electricity bill and their tenant’s experience in the building. However, with today’s technology and better energy management software, it isn’t necessary to choose one over the other.

Commercial building owners can use energy management software that can automatically control certain aspects of the building such as temperature and lighting levels. This software will automatically turn off lights when they are not needed or turn down thermostats when there is no use for heat.

These types of automated systems save money for commercial building owners without affecting tenant experience or comfort levels. Matson’s Electricals can guide you in each step of your journey on saving more on your energy bills.


Commercial buildings are one of the biggest consumers of electrical energy. Commercial buildings are expensive to maintain, and the electricity costs can be hard to control. But there are many ways you can save money on electricity in commercial buildings. Some of them are:

1) Reduce your use of air conditioning

2) Find the most efficient equipment that you can use for lighting

3) Check your building’s insulation

4) Install new, more efficient windows

Commercial Buildings can opt for sustainable energy options and reduce their costs by a huge margin. After all, money saved is money earned. Matson’s Electricals can guide with the best sustainable energies to go for and also consult commercial building owners on how to manage their current electricity consumption in a much more efficient manner.