Make winter outdoors entertainment a cozy and satisfying experience! 

Choose a heater that can be a great addition to your outdoor space.

Besides generating warmth and providing a sense of comfort, Patio heaters are portable and accessible outlets for your small & enclosed spaces.

According to your area suits, a wide range of heater options are available, be it a wall-mounted heater, a freestanding heater, or a ceiling-mounted heater to make you relaxed even in larger gatherings.

Here, you will find a list of advantages and a few tips on how to install an electric patio heater for your reference.

Benefits of a Patio Heater

In addition to just warmth, electric patio heaters have several benefits for household or office use. 

Here are the four benefits of owning a patio heater that you can not resist:

Easy Maintenance

These heaters are intelligent, reliable devices that have relatively low maintenance. You have to ensure a certain amount of prevention, and you are good to go.

You have to regularly check the rubber hose of the heater since it gets chewed up by rodents. 

Safe to Use

Whether you are a homeowner or own a business, you always look for a safe heater which is none other than these heaters since they do not have a flame.

Only the top part of the heater gets too hot where a person or kid barely touches.

Great Centerpiece

The heaters work as an excellent centerpiece for your entertainment area, which will make it look beautiful & luxurious. 

Moreover, it can also act as a beautiful garden heater where you can keep it between sofas and enjoy the moments with friends and family.

Portable & Versatile

These heaters are portable and versatile since you can move them around and keep them back when no longer used.

Moreover, it replaces the firepit and works like magic which is worth the price you are paying for.

Instructions for Patio Heater Installation

Before installation, make sure all the parts are present as per the content list & nothing is missing or damaged. These are the following steps for Patio Heater installation:

  • Align holes in the wheel assembly and carefully place nuts/bolts in it, attaching the wheel assembly to the base.
  • Next, attach the anchoring arm to the base using M6x12 screws, M6 Washers, and M6 nuts. With this, the anchor heater is placed on the ground.
  • Attach LPG cylinder holders to the base using 6 – M6 12 Screws, 6 – M6 Washers, and M6 Nuts. Then, place its three supporting legs on the base.
  • Place the post support on the assembled legs through the M6 Washer and hand-tighten it until all the bolts are fixed.
  • Attach the lower part to the support post using 4 – M6x10mm Screws & screw up the upper part of the post assembly to the lower part.
  • Place the tank on the base & screw barrel bolts into the holes of the head assembly & secure the head assembly to the post 4.
  • Take out all four pieces of the reflector, place a bolt through the center hole & align the sides of each piece and tighten them well.
  • Lastly, tighten the wing nuts with 3- M8 washers and place the heater upright.

Caution after Installing a Patio Heater

To boost up the longevity of your heater, follow the tips mentioned below: 

  • Place heaters in ventilated areas away from your pets and children. However, if you have space issues, opt for a little mounted heater at your place.
  • Make sure to check all the clearances that your manufacturer commits to you. 
  • Place the heaters on rigid surfaces that can bear the heater’s weight.
  • Don’t put clothes or flammable material on or near the heater as it may be dangerous.
  • Always try to keep the heater off unless you are using it.
  • If you notice any leakage, immediately turn it off and contact customer care for help.

The Bottom Line 

An Electric patio heater gives you a wide range of heating options for your entire area. Sometimes, individuals attempt to install the heaters, which is not always a matter of safety.

Things often get messed up at this stage due to a lack of knowledge and experience, necessitating the help and support of certified and trained professionals who are experienced in handling these tasks.

At Matson’s electricals, we assemble and install each part with care after a strict electrical audit & testing service. Connect with us to know more about our electrical  services and offerings .